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In previous blog of S/4HANA adoption we learnt about what all options to adopt the S/4HANA and started discussing about the option of system conversion.

As discussed earlier, the system conversion option is available for such customer who wants to convert their current system into an SAP S/4HANA system

Let’s quickly go over the high level plan for S/4HANA conversion project as shown below,

Maintenance Planner:

The first step in S/4HANA conversion is to analyse the source system using the Maintenance planner tool.

When you open the SAP Maintenance Planner for your system landscape you will see below screen with the list of available systems under “Explore Systems”.

Select the system from the list which you are planning for S/4HANA conversion

In this case I am selecting the system EC1 which got some errors in verification and data sync with Solution Manager

The sync errors are resolved by ignoring the software components as these components are not present in my source system and can be ignored

After rectifying all the errors my system is ready for planning the S/4HANA conversion

Start the Planning activity as shown below,

This is the benefit of running maintenance planner at the start of S/4HANA conversion project. At start of the project you will come to know if your system is ready for conversion or not and what all things which needs to be completed before system made ready for S/4HANA conversion

As per below error screen, there are certain add-ons and business functions available in my system which are not supported by S/4HANA and these issues needs to be addressed before we can select the S/4HANA conversion

Check SAP note 2214409 and 2011192 for further details on how to handle the non-supported add-ons for S/4HANA

I am able to resolve all the dependency and made sure the business functions information is available in solution manager so that it will be selected during the conversion process

After rectifying the above error the system is ready for the S/4HANA conversion project

It’s very important to resolve the add-on errors as all the add-on's are not supported by S/4HANA. Also, this is very important step as part of early planning in S/4HANA conversion projects as it will give clear understanding in terms of if your environment is eligible for conversion scenario or you need to go for new Implementation and then do the data migration/conversion

Note: Solution manager plays very vital role in S/4HANA conversion projects and it’s very important to have Solution manager properly setup and right data is sync between source system and solution manager

Select plan a conversion to SAP S/4HANA option to start the process and download all required media files for S/4HANA conversion

This is the 1st step in your S/4HANA conversion project.

Once the maintenance planner is successfully run we need to go to the second and important step of code and compatibility check.

Code and compatibility check phase is sub divided into 3 different steps, which we will learn in next blog of Code and Compatibility Checks!

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