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Bank data is divided into two types:

1.      Bank Keys (Branch Master Data)

2.      Account ID's (Bank Account Specific Data)

Before uploading any type of master data in SAP, it is assumed that configuration dependent objects are already done in system. Accordingly, before uploading bank master data, it is assumed that house banks are properly configured and country specific settings are also completed.

Bank Keys are usually uploaded using SAP S/4HANA new application LTMC. A template needs to be filled for uploading bank keys in system through LTMC. Refer below how to fill the template broken into two sheets for easy data visibility. Later we will see how that template can be downloaded from LTMC application:

Half sheet:

Remaining half:

After filling the required bank data in above LTMC template. Logon to SAP GUI and enter LTMC under Search Bar:


In LTMC initial screen press Create button to define a new Data Migration Project


Enter Name of Project and Press Create:


New Project has been created in system as shown below:

Press Bank from the list shown above:


Now we will understand how we can download bank keys upload template. Press Download template button, save template and fill it to upload it under LTMC migration project:


After filling template, press Upload File button to upload bank data:


After pressing Upload file, a popup window will open. Choose the file from PC by pressing Browse button under this window. Enter Description of the upload file as well and comments if needed:


As shown in the screenshot File has been selected from PC and, Descriptions and Comments are also entered. Now press upload button shown.


File is now listed with status as Non-Active. Now we will select file and press activate button.


Now after successfully activating file, press button Start Transfer:


Warning will appear. Press Ok button to proceed.


A screen will appear with a popup of Data Validation in Progress. Once that validation is 100% complete then we will press Close button.

Validation is successful without any error as shown under priority column. Now press Next button to proceed further.


A screen is shown with error in mapping values. Since this is a new migration project with first data file being uploaded, therefore we need to map all values in upload file.


Press select all button and then press Confirm Mapping Values.


After Confirming list will be blank without any errors.


Now press Next button.

After Data Simulation is successfully completed with 100%. Press Close button and then press Next button to import master data in system.



Now we will check the same data in system. Run transaction code FI03. Enter Country Key and Bank Key. Then press Enter to display imported Bank Key Master Data.


Thanks for reading whole document. This document describes how we can upload Bank Keys using LTMC application of SAP S/4HANA. In next steps we will upload Account ID's. For this separate template will be uploaded and even application that will be used will also be different which is NWBC. Follow below link for having hands on knowledge of uploading house banks in SAP S/4HANA.

Link: https://blogs.sap.com/?p=1121702&preview=true&preview_id=1121702


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