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Posting it again. as original one deleted.

As I described in document” Variant Configuration Material Variants : Creation, Usage in Sales order for replacing Configurable ...”, introduction of new configuration values are always possible.

It may require changing value of existing material variant by changing assignment of new value.

A configuration model was changed. For example, a new characteristic was included in a class and this characteristic value is calculated object dependencies.

Alternatively, object dependencies are changed and calculated characteristic values change as a result. At the same time, many material variants, which would now have to be changed, exist in order to adjust the stored configurations to the new model.

The configurations of the material variants can be updated using MM02. Or report RCUUPDMATVAR can be used.

Run report “RCUUPDMATVAR”, using SE38 or transaction: CUUPDMV

For input possible options are

Select material variant for which you want to carry out changes

Select all Variants for configurable material

Select Class for which is assigned to configurable material

Select Plant specific variants

If there is an inconsistency with a configuration, this configuration will not be updated.

Orders in which the material variant is used are not updated , as is the case when using Transaction MM02. So, for example, for the sales and distribution documents a new pricing is not carried out automatically.

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