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In this blog i will try to explain on how to transport custom solution from one tenant to other tenant in C4C.Please correct me if missed anything. Lets get started.

Step-1 : Download the Solution

  1. Log on to Development Cloud Application Studio (CAS).


  2. Choose the solution from the Solution Explorer.


3. Right Click on the solution in the Solution Explorer --> Add --> New Item.


  4. In the Add New Item window, choose BAC Elements provide the name of the BAC Element and click on Add.


   5. Provide all mandatory fields and click on Next.


  6. In the next step, review the information provided and hit Finish.


  7. After creating the BAC Elements. Activate the solution.


  8. Right click on the solution and Check in All Files.


9. Navigate to View --> Implementation Manager.


10.  In the Implementation Manager, choose Assemble and Download.


11. Solution will Locked and click on OK to continue.


12. Choose the location in which you want to store the solution.


13. Solution will be successfully downloaded.

Step-2 : Upload the Custom Solution in other Tenant

1. Navigate to View --> Implementation Manager.


2. Click on Upload button to upload the solution. Choose the desktop location in which you have previously saved the solution.

3. Solution will successfully uploaded

4. Click on Activate button to activate the solution.


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