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Purpose:  The purpose of this blogpost is to explain how we can transfer an expired batch from one storage location to another storage location.

Use:  Sometimes, we get a requirement from customer that we want to transfer Non-GMP category expired batches to another location without changing the expiry date in batch master and do not want to approach Quality department to extend the expiry date.

The batch transferred can be an existing batch or we can assign a new batch as per business requirement

Illustration: In most of the cases, we end up doing some crazy enhancement to meet the requirement where we deactivate error ‘Message M7 667’ for specific users and we maintain those users either in TVARVC or in some custom table.

In this example, we will allow error message ‘M7 667- Best before date/SLED & of batch & has been exceeded’ to transfer the expired batches applicable to all users or for specific users only.

Case 1: Deactivate expiration date check at movement type

1. Display MSC3N to check whether batch is expired or not. In this case, Batch no ‘0000000069’ is expired on 09/21/2020

2. Transfer this expired batch with MIGO where we will get below error while posting

3. In order to deactivate this check, we have to exclude the error message for particular movement type.

Go to Logistics – General ---> Batch Management ---> Shelf Life Expiration Date (SLED) ---> Set Expiration Date Check (OMJ5)

Click on ‘Movement type’

Select the option ‘3 – No check at goods issue’ against movement type 311.

4. When we deactivate expiration date check for Movement type 311, while doing posting system will display Message no. M7 667 as a warning message and allow to transfer.

Case 2: Deactivate expiration date check for specific user

1. To allow transfer of expired batches for some specific users only. We have to create a mirror message of M7 667 with new version and keep this new message number as warning.

Go to Materials Management --- Inventory Management and Physical Inventory --- Define Attributes of System Messages

Select the existing message as shown below and click on copy to option to create a new message with version A1.

In new message with Version A1, update the message category as ‘Warning’

2. Go to SU01/SU3 to update the Parameter MSV = A1 ( New Version of System message M7 667) for those users which should be allowed to transfer expired batches

3. When we maintain the parameter for user- XXXX01, while posting system will display Message no. M7 667 as a warning message

4.Remove the Parameter value – A1 from user  against parameter MSV

5. After removing the parameter, system will not allow to transfer the expired batch and display the error as shown below


Conclusion:   We will be able to transfer the expired batches from one location to another location by providing authorization to specific users only as per business requirement.

Note: To transfer the expired batches, we have to verify with customer, which batches should fall under this category to allow movement, else it might lead to some regulatory issue during audit.

Also, this method can be applicable to other system messages as well where customer wants to allow specific users as per business requirement”

Thank You, I hope you will like this blog post.

Any feedback or improvements in blog post will be highly appreciated so that it will be helpful to community members


Amit Sharma