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How to skip the Maintenance Calls in IP10


Author: Kalyan Kolakaleti

Purpose of this document is


Some of the industries like port operations, they will declare holiday in rainy season for loading and unloading of the materials from the ships/cargos due to heavy rains in the rainy season. So in these three months or two months of period they don’t want to schedule maintenance for some of the maintenance plans (or for some Equipments), that means no maintenance orders should be generated in that period, even IP30 ( Dead Line Monitoring) ran in back ground.

How to achieve this….


This could be achieved by using the Factory calendar. Define the special rules in the Factory calendar and the Factory Calendar should be assigned to the maintenance plans for which user want to skip the maintenance calls. This could be achieved by deactivating the maintenance plans also, but that is lengthy (deactivate and activate the plans) process. By using the Factory Calendar and special rules system will take care of all.


The End result of this document is….


Create custom Factory Calendar as PM as shown below by using the transaction code

Click on Special Rules Icon and define the Holiday Dates/Months as shown below

Here we have defined holiday (from 2014.06.01 to 2014.08.31 and 2015.06.01 to 2015.08.31) for two years, that is for 2014 and 2015 by clicking on the create icon as shown above.

Now create a maintenance plan either single cycle or strategy plan by using the transaction code IP41 or IP42.Here I have created strategy plan with 1 month maintenance package.

IP42 is the transaction code to create the Maintenance Plan

Maintained the Factory Calendar PM which was created earlier

SAVE the Maintenance Plan.

Schedule the Maintenance Plan by using the transaction Code IP10

Here observe the dates. System skips the July to September months scheduling, that mean there is no calls has been created in that period. The same period we have declared as holiday in the Factory Calendar under special rules.

Again from September month onwards system is scheduling normally as per the packages maintained in the task list.

Author Bio

Kalyan has over 17 years of experience in Plant Maintenance with 7 plus years in SAP (PM, QM and MM).

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