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Hello All,

Everyone who works with sales quotes and purchase orders knows that it takes a lot of time to print the document, sign it, send it manually to your customer or supplier, get it back, scan it and store it. With our App “Signature Integration”, it is possible to sign sales quotes and purchase orders online and to make your signature process easy and digital.

But how does digital signature work?

Just like handwritten signatures, digital signatures are unique for each user. Our partner Docusign uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to make the signature process secure. PKI requires the application of a mathematical algorithm to generate long number chains, so-called keys. One of these keys is public, the other is private. When signing a document, this private key is generated by the signer and is kept secret. The algorithm uses a cipher system and generates data for the document in question, called hash, and encrypts the data. This data is the digital signature. This is provided with a time stamp. If the document is changed after signing, it is invalid.

The public key reads the document every time it is opened, even if it is sent back to the sender. If the public key can no longer decrypt the document, it is not the right user's private key, or the document has been modified after signing. If the public key no longer recognizes the private key, the signature is considered invalid.

Why should I use a digital Signature?

A lot of companies are already using digital signature and it is becoming a standard in a lot of industries. You are not just keeping up with the latest technologies, it is always easy to use and 100% secure. The Signature process can be complete digitally – no matter from which device, no matter when and where. There is no more annoying printing & scanning (key point Homeoffice: Do you have a printer at home?)

Why should I integrate digital Signature into my SAP Business ByDesign?


It is possible to send sales quotes and purchase Orders automatically from SAP Business ByDesign, with the app it is possible to integrate the signature process and have signed contracts in your ERP System. You always know the status of each document and have a good overview over all contracts and offers.

Content & functionalities:

    • Integration of the DocuSignAPI

    • Offers are automatically sent to DocuSign

    • The responsible persons will be informed by email

    • Sign with DocuSign with a simple click

    • Receiving the signed document in the ByD system

    • Status messages for each document

    • Multiple settings and configurations


How does the Signature Integration Process in SAP Business ByDesing work?

For sales quotes and purchase orders, the persons who must sign the document and those who should receive a copy of the document can be entered. Furthermore, a signing sequence can be defined. When the document is released, the document and its attachments are sent to the persons in the signing sequence. After the persons have signed the document at the push of a button, the signed document is saved in SAP Business ByDesign under "Attachments". The signing status of the documents can be viewed and retrieved at any time in SAP Business ByDesign.

In the picture you see how you can create the documents in your SAP Business ByDesign, then you can sign them and send to you customers to sign them as well. With one click your customer signs online and the signed contracted is viewable in SAP Business ByDesign.

To work properly with Signature Integration, there has to be done a short configuration in an own workcenter.

  • For all Sales quotes there can be configurated default signers based on the organizational Center ID. For purchase Orders, there can be default signers based on different Companies in the tenant.

  • Default Signing Orders can be defined for every document

  • The signing positions can be defined for the form templates. The DocuSign-engine is searching for a specific term in the document and is setting the signature integration based on the defined X-/Y-Offsets

  • For sending or voiding the sent documents, a standardised text can be defined.

  • The different Status of several documents can be seen in the overview

  • When a new Sales Order or Purchase Order is created, Signature Integration is pre-filling the obligatory fields with the input that defined during the configuration. All Information can be changed or deleted manually.

  • Attachments can be uploaded and sent with the document.

  • When the document is sent, the receiver gets a document with a specific space for him/her to sign.

  • The receiver can sign the document with a click of a mouse.

  • After every signer signed the document, the signed document is stored in SAP Business ByDesign under Attachments.

  • With a massdatarun every status of sales quotes and purchase orders can be updated automatically. Users do not have to do it manually per each document.

The App Signature Integration is the fastest and most reliable way to integrate your signature process into your SAP Business ByDesign. Simple, digital and using an internationally recognized and standards-based technology.


Find the App in the SAP App Center: https://www.sapappcenter.com/en/product/display-0000053143_live_v1/All%20for%20One%20Steeb%20-%20Sig...
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