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How to set a discontinued indicator for the Material


Setting the discontinued indicator for the material is one of the key challenging where anyone need to focus on the Material Master settings and Bill of Material settings. Here will share the steps in detail about how to set the discontinued indicator for the Part Number.

Main Part:

1. Material Master Settings

 Within the material master of the component to be discontinued maintain the discontinuation on the MRP 4 view as follows:

  • Discontinuation indicator: 1 – simple discontinuation.

  • Effective out date: enter the date from which the discontinuation will take effect.

  • Follow up material: enter the component which will supersede the discontinued part.,

2. Bill of Material Data Settings

In the Bill of Materials data settings must be made for both the material to be discontinued and the follow-on material.

The discontinuation data of the discontinued material must be maintained in the item data of the Bill of Materials. Within the BoM change GOTO> item > Full. The click on the button.

The discontinuation indicator is copied from the material master settings made previously. Enter a Discontinuation Group in the BOM and done click on the button.

Starting from the effective out date no new procurement proposals will be created for the discontinued material. Once all the stocks are used up its dependent requirements are reassigned to the follow-up material.

Execute MRP for the header material,

Check MD04 and execute the Production order with Follow-up material,


Once the Production is created the discontinued material component quantity will not be triggered for further Production evaluations.

Hence the follow-up material replaces the discontinued Material.

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