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There may be situations where the client wants to change a condition type from being “Statistical” to say “Required” or “Manual”.

Let’s assume this condition type to be “ZCOM - Agent Commission”. 

There are occurrences when a single condition type can be a part of multiple “Pricing Procedures”.   

Hence let’s say “ZCOM” condition type is part of pricing procedures “ZAAA, ZBAA, ZCAA, ZBAB & ZLMA”. 

In this example, however, we are unaware that “ZCOM” is a part of the above mentioned pricing procedures.

We use transaction code “V/08” and find that there are around 100 pricing procedures configured for the customer (including the standard ones).

There is a popular belief that “Nothing is Impossible!!!” and indeed it’s true. In the above instance, though, I would say it is a challenge for us to manually search each pricing procedure to check whether “ZCOM” condition type is a part of it.

We have a way forward to solve this quandary:

  • Type the transaction code “SE16N”

  • The table should be mentioned as “T683S”. The table refers to the condition type “T683S - KSCHL (Condition Type)”

  • Now press F8 system will show all the pricing procedures in which the condition type exists.

We can now select relevant pricing procedures in which “ZCOM” exists and change the condition type accordingly.

Shiv Iyer

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