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Good afternoon.

Some time ago, I was asked to set up MRP so as to run with specific parameters for two specific MRP controllers, namely MRP and ARP. For the materials carrying these MRP controllers, the required planning parameters were saved in their respective MRP groups, namely AMRP and KMRP. These planning parameters were very different than the planning parameters for the rest of the materials, thus, the need for coming to this requirement.

Although there are many approaches to this issue, none of them worked to our requirements. Finding myself in a dead-end situation, I asked for the help of my colleague,  Mr. Matios Golandas, who came up with the following solution:

1. We created a new user exit key, Z99, in order to use it for our purposes in MD01.

2. Through CMOD, we created a new MRP project, called ZMRP, where we assigned user exits EXIT_SAPLM61C_001 and EXIT_SAPMM61X_001.

3. In both user exits, we double clicked at INCLUDE ZXM61U02 and INCLUDE ZXM61U01 and we added the following piece of code:

What this code does, is that it tells the system when it runs MRP with user exit Z99, for this specific plant (8510) and for the MRP controllers user inputs (spited by "/"), to use the parameters set for these materials (that belong to these MRP controllers) in their respective MRP groups (since this is MD01 "reads").

4. The next step was to create 2 jobs for running RMMRP000, one for running with the two specific controllers (ARP and MRP) and the    second for running the rest of the materials. For the first run (for ARP and MRP) RMMRP000 the initial screen was:

The last line on the previous screen ("User exit parameters") stands for "Include Equal MRP" and "Include Equal ARP" (the two MRP controllers we are interested in).

5. For the second MRP run (for the rest of the materials), the initial RMMRP000 screen was:

Here, in the last line of the screen ("User Exit Parameters") stands for "Exclude Equal ARP" and "Exclude Equal MRP" (in other words, we tell MRP to run for all material but the materials belonging to the ARP and MRP controllers).

Thank you very much for your attention, and hoping that this document will help in enriching the knowledge of us all,

Dr. Nikos Giannopoulos

ERP Manager at ETEM SA



Mr. Marios Golandas

ERP Manager at ELVAL SA



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