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Although, having passwords to secure PSEs is a good idea, it is good to know how we can remove the passwords instead from accessing the PSEs.

Note: If you are using passwords to secure your PSEs, please do not forget those passwords.

When you open STRUST and try to access a PSE which is password protected, you will end up with below screen which prompts you for that PSE's password.

To remove the same, you'll need password to open the PSE first in order to edit it.

Edit the PSE by going in to change mode as displayed below.

Now, click on the highlighted "Password" button. This button can be used to change to a new password and as well as to remove the password.

To remove the password, don't type any characters and just click "Continue" the green tick mark to proceed.

You'll receive the below message.

Now, save the PSE by clicking the little Floppy-Disk button in STRUST and that's it. The PSEs are now accessing without passwords.



After PSE is saved, you'll see that in SECUDIR directory, the cred_v2 file has been updated with the saved PSE's date/time.



I hope this will be useful for all of you in the future.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Best Regards,

Manoj Somkuwar
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