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Now that we have less than two weeks left till SAPInsider's HR2015 Nice, I've finished building my agenda for the conference. The event brochure is full of valuable sessions and deciding on which ones to attend was really a hard job. After spending a few hours on the event brochure, I have come up with the following agenda, the sessions in which are diversified and satisfactory according to me.

Pre-Conference Day : 15 June 2015 – Monday

10:00 - The future of core HR solutions from SAP: An up-to-date guide to the SAP ERP HCM solution roadmap and the impact of the cloud
David Ludlow, SAP
Parvathy Sankar, SAP SE

I am getting a lot of questions from my clients on the future of core SAP HCM : Will it become extinct, or will SAP support it till the end? I believe this session will definitely answer these questions.

Day 1 : 16 June 2015 – Tuesday

09:15 - HR 2015 Keynote Address: How moving your HR to the Cloud is like the game “Snakes and Ladders”
Mike Ettling, SAP

Mike Ettling will give a lot of valuable input on latest HR technologies and will help customers form their future implementation strategies. I am planning to transmit all his ideas to my clients and colleagues.

11:00 - Standardise and simplify HR with Employee Central from SuccessFactors

I am planning to drop by the SAP Booth and listen to this session in order to get some latest information on EC.

11:30 - The future of HR in the cloud: SAP’s product strategy, recent investments, and future direction
Joachim Foerderer, SAP SE

Yes cloud is the new era and SuccessFactors is the contemporary suite in HCM field. However, SAP doesn’t keep the solution as-is. Continual innovation efforts are in place for SuccessFactors. In this session, Joachim will talk about the new features of the suite. This session turns out to be the only break-out session –other than the keynote- to mention FieldGlass – the newly acquired Vendor Management solution -. As I am curious about Fieldglass, this session is a must-to-attend for me.

13:20 - HR Keynote Panel: Cloud: What, why, and how
Panelists: David Ludlow, SAP; Irina Bychkova, IBM Global Business Services; Teresa Helt, Hornbeck Offshore; Axel Baumgartl, IBM Deutschland

I am sure that listening to SAP executives discuss “cloud” will enlighten the attendees about the subject. And I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

14:00 - Key design and configuration considerations for global personnel administration
Sven Ringling, iProCon

I am in the middle of proposal process for several global projects, and I know that Sven and his team are really good at implementing global projects. So, by attending this session, I am looking forward to getting his advice and applying this advice on the prospective projects.

15:45 - Exploiting recent enhancements in SAP ERP HCM self-services: HR Renewal, SAP Fiori, and SAPUI5
Jeremy Masters, Worklogix

Couple of months ago, I attended Jeremy’s SAPInsider podcast on the latest HCM enhancements. He provided valuable information there. Now that he will be again talking about the subject, I will join him to get a more clear understanding of HR Renewal, Fiori and UI5.

17:15 - Mastering SAP ERP HCM authorisations: Real-world lessons to avoid common security pitfalls
Sven Ringling, iProCon

Authorization is always the upmost important topic in HCM implementation projects. I have seen so many different cases and requests from clients on authorization during the years. And by attending this session of Sven’s, I believe, I will add even more to my experience repertory.

18:45 – Ask the Experts

I will be there in ask the experts session, both to ask and to answer.

Day 2 : 17 June 2015 – Wednesday

08:30 - Expert guidance to effectively prepare for and execute your next SAP ERP HCM enhancement package installation Martin Gillet, Cogilius bvba

Technology is at a great pace and SAP never takes a breath. Your already installed SAP systems require ever-lasting care. I will attend this session to get Martin’s advice on how to plan this care on the HCM systems.

10:30 - Panel discussion: What is the CEO’s agenda to ensure a robust service delivery organisation for SuccessFactors implementations?
Jyoti Sharma, HRIZONS
Jim Newman, HRIZONS; Sharon Newton, hyperCision; Jan Van der Steen, Engenia Consulting; Paul Vidler, SAP
I believe that listening to the ideas of partner CEOs on SuccessFactors will be eye-opening for the attendees.

12:00 - Find, attract, and onboard the right talent faster with Recruiting and Onboarding from SuccessFactors
Jeff Mills, SuccessFactors, an SAP company

I am planning to drop by the SAP Booth and listen to this session in order to get some latest information on SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding .

12:45 - An SAP Travel Management consultant’s journey to Concur T&E: A candid assessment

Sven Ringling, iProCon

Concur is another hot item in my agenda for the last couple of months. From LinkedIn updates, I know that Sven and his team have quite an experience assessing the product. In this session, I am planning to get an understanding of the pros and cons of Concur implementations.

14:30 - Navigating the intricacies of international payroll in SAP

Stephane van der Aa, NGA

Very interesting session on global projects: How to implement payroll environments? How to decide on the processes to keep central and the ones to keep local? By attending this session, I am planning to get the answers to these questions.

16:00 - Ask the Experts

I will be there in ask the experts session, both to ask and to answer.

16:45 - Exploring the Meta Data Framework: Configurable – NOT technical
Jyoti Sharma, HRIZONS

There is a general, false understanding about cloud applications that they are not configurable. However, by utilizing Meta Data Framework, SuccessFactors applications are configurable. Jyoti will explain “how?” in this interesting session.

Day 3 : 18 June 2015 – Thursday

08:30 - An expert guide to maximise the capabilities of PPOME for more effective organisational management in SAP ERP HCM
Dilek Adak, Vektora

People dealing with SAP HCM know that PPOME is very much the heart of Organizational Management module. In this session, I will be giving details about the lesser known features of transaction PPOME.

10:00 - Accelerate employee development with continuous, personal and collaborative learning
Emily Wilson, SuccessFactors, an SAP company

10:30 - HR transformation: Options, considerations, and benefits
Venki Krishnamoorthy, Talent HRO

Venki will be speaking about HR transformation decisions in general: Moving to cloud, or upgrading a technology. I believe attendees will benefit from this session a lot.

12:45 - A complete guide to automate user provisioning by integrating SAP Access Control with SAP ERP HCM
Johan Wouters, Expertum

Another item I am planning to delve into in this conference is the GRC-HCM integration points. I am sure that this session will be a good starting point.

14:45 - How to leverage SuccessFactors Workforce Planning and Analytics to transform HR into a more strategic partner to the business
Kim Fischer, SuccessFactors, an SAP company

16:15 - Effective succession planning: 7 key factors to ensure success
Jeremy Masters, Worklogix

In this session, Jeremy will be sharing a strategic look at the succession planning process and attendees will hopefully make use of his advice.

This year’s conference is of great importance to me. Although I had been attending the conference for many years as a delegate, this year I will also be presenting. If you want to attend my session, come and stop by Rhodes 11 at 08:30 am on Thursday. I will be speaking about PPOME transaction. Looking forward to having a fruitful event in Nice!

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