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Have you ever had an add-on that was slow, and you did not really know why? If so, you should try a performance profiler!

What is a performance profiler?

A performance profiler is a tool that on the fly modify your code in order to measure how long time each line of code takes to execute and how often it is called. This is very beneficial in that you do not guess or make logs/stopwatches on how long-time things take. You go in and measure it


Disclaimer: I’m not in any way associated with the developers of “Dot Trace” (the performance tool mentioned in this article). I’m just a big fan. There are many other similar tools out there, I just like this the most.

The best way to show you how a performance profiler work (and how you afterward optimize) is via video so I’ve recorded me profiling a small sample app and how I afterward optimize the code to be much faster.

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