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The following blog provides a comparison of how the process of marking vendors for deletion is different between legacy ECC system and new S4 HANA system.

How we used to Flag for Deletion in ECC

In legacy ECC environment, vendors could be flagged for deletion at the vendor master level using transaction XK02. At the vendor master level you could go to Extras -> Deletion Flags


At the following screen, the users could selectively flag for deletion at All Areas, Selected Company Code and Selected Purchasing Organization


The other option users had was to use transaction XK06 to flag for deletion Centrally 

The third option users had was to use transaction MK06 to flag for deletion at the Purchasing Organization level.


How we now have to flag Business Partners for deletion in S4 HANA

With S4 HANA 1511 and above SAP has introduced the concept of business partners and the concept of vendors is obsolete. So the way to flag vendors for deletion has changed as well.

Here is a Business Partner which is a vendor and is displayed via T Code BP. Notice that under the Extras menu there is no option of flagging the Business Partner for deletion

The Archiving Flag can now be found in the General View -> Status tab. This will flag the Business Partner for deletion at an overall level.


The other option is to flag Business Partners for deletion is at the company code level. Users can selectively choose for which company codes the Business Partner needs to be flagged


With the concept of Business Partners the transactions XK06 and MK06 are obsolete. Now you can use the transaction BUPA_PRE_DA to flag multiple Business Partners for deletion as the same time.

The e.g. shown below is for one Business Partner. Execute the transaction with the Test Run flagged and review the log



Once successful, run the transaction without the test run flag


The system will prompt and ask for confirmation. Select Yes


The log will show that the run was successful


At the BP transaction, the same Business Partner has a STOP sign and at the Status tab the “Archiving Flag” is flagged


At the BP table, BUT000 – XDELE is flagged


At the vendor table, LFA1 – LOEVM is flagged

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