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Hi Friends,

In this blog post, I will demonstrate two options for managing Factory calendars in S/4HANA Cloud. If it’s your first time changing a Factory calendar in S/4HANA Cloud, an important question is ‘How do I move changes to P’ or ‘Do I update the Factory calendar in the P system?’ I hope this blog helps you have confidence when you need to do this for the first time.

The Configuration Help has information you need and user hints from someone who has completed the process can guide you through it.

There are two ways I know to maintain Factory and Holiday calendars in the P system.

Option 1: Distribute Data

This is the S4HC Configuration Help method. If you use this method, confirm this strategy with all others supporting the customer’s system and agree that calendar changes will always be transported which overwrites all calendars in the P system each time. Never make calendar changes directly in the P system. I recommend this method because you do not have to make the settings twice.

Option 2: Manually make calendar changes in P.

Confirm this strategy with all others supporting the customer’s system. Never use Distribute Data transport or the manual P system calendar settings will be overwritten.

Option 1: Distribute Data Steps

Click on Configure>Configuration Help on SSCUI ID 180007 and scroll to the bottom to see Further Notes>Data Distribution.

Make your Factory/Holiday calendar changes in SSCUI ID 180007>Configure.

Back out of the SSCUI ID completely. If you don’t back out, you may get an error:

Click back into SSCUI ID 180007>Configure and click Distribute data button.

You will get info message: ‘To take effect in subsequent systems, changes need to be transported.’ Click Continue.

Your calendar changes will be automatically added to a software collection:

Export the software collection in Q and import to P as usual.

Log out of P after the import is complete in order to view the changes in P.

Log back into P and go to Configure Your Solution.

Set ‘Redo in P System’ to All. This will allow you to view Factory/Holiday calendars in P.

Go to SSCUI ID 180007 to confirm your calendar settings in P.

Option 2: Steps to Manually make calendar changes in P

Go to Configure Your Solution.

Set ‘Redo in P System’ to All. This will allow you to view or change Factory or Holiday calendars in P.

Go to SSCUI ID 180007 and make calendar changes.

*Processes demonstrated based on S/4HANA Public Cloud release 1911.

Voilà! You did it. You should have been successful in updating your Factory or Holiday calendar in your P system by following the steps provided. I hope this helps make the process smooth and frustration free.

Please comment if you have anything to add or changes to suggest to the process steps I provided.

Please comment if you notice significant changes to the process in later releases.

Bye for now!


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