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Last week, after publishing the Earning “SAP Activate Project Manager” Certification blog, I was approached by many people asking about the additional resources available online which can be referred to learn and use SAP Activate. Here I have provided a quick reference to help wider community, interested in knowing

  1. where to start their learning journey and

  2. how to benefit from the wealth of resources?

So without further ado, here is your guide.

1. Join SAP Activate Methodology Jam Group

SAP provides a social collaboration tool, SAP Jam, which is used for team discussions, documents sharing, and communication among the groups. The SAP Activate Methodology Jam Group is a great resource which you can use to interact with SAP experts and learn about different customer journeys. In order to join the group, you’ll first need to request its membership through the following link:


Enter your email and submit. You’ll receive an email inviting you to join the group.

2. Logon to the SAP Activate Methodology Jam Group

Use the following link to logon to the group.


3. Explore the SAP Jam Site

Logon with your user and you’ll be able to see the page with a structure allowing you to

  1. participate in ongoing general discussions, and

  2. access and learn from the methodology sub-groups.

4. Access the SAP Methodologies main group

At the main page of the SAP Methodologies group, you can learn

  1. What activities you need to perform in each phase of the methodology?

  2. Which tools and content can help you with your journey?

4.1. Know the phases of the Methodology

From the main SAP Activate Methodology group page, access the individual phases to learn about

  1. Commonly performed activities of the phases, and

  2. Main deliverables of the selected phase.

For instance, here’s an explanation of the Deploy Phase.

4.2. Access and Explore Useful tools

From the main SAP Methodologies group, look for SAP Activate Methodology Tools and Content. Get to know the

  1. SAP Roadmap Viewer, to learn about different customer journeys, from implementing to using various SAP Solutions – in-cloud and on-premise,

  2. SAP Best Practices Explorer, to learn about different solution packages, such as by line of business, and industry verticals, and

  3. SAP Solution Manager 7.2, to learn how the latest version can help you with SAP Application Lifecycle Management.

4.2.1. The SAP Roadmap Viewer

In addition to accessing the roadmap viewer from within the SAP Jam Methodologies group, you can also access it through the following link directly.


You can access variety of roadmaps, from general in-cloud and on-premise to solution (SuccessFactors, Ariba, Hybris etc) roadmaps.

4.2.2. The SAP Best-Practices Explorer

If your interest is in Solution Specific best-practices, you can find them through the link provided below:


4.2.3. The SAP Solution Manager 7.2

You can learn about the amazing tool, designed to manage your Solution Portfolio, by attending an openSAP course at the link provided below:

SAP Solution Manager for SAP S/4HANA Implementation in a Nutshell

I attended the course last year and think it can help you in understanding the new features offered in 7.2 version.

4.3. Explore the SAP Activate Methodology Sub-Groups

The two groups provide necessary information for on-premise and in-cloud projects including

  1. The benefits and guiding principles of using SAP Activate for on-premise new implementations and privately managed cloud,

  2. The answers to common questions a customer may need to know before choosing any of the cloud solutions.

4.3.1. SAP Activate Methodology for Cloud

The methodology is less intensive than the on-premise and the sub-group provides the necessary details to learn about the deliverables in different phases.

4.3.2. SAP Activate Methodology for On-Premise

The methodology supports the on-premise implementations and as such the methodologies sub-group guides its reader with the necessary details to handle the implementation work.


The methodology, among other components of SAP Activate Framework, can help you – the Consultant – with delivering & supporting the SAP Solutions to businesses and helping them with better ROI. Hence, learning how to access and benefit from the resources is definitely advantageous, so

  1. Join the SAP Jam group,

  2. start your learning journey, and

  3. get your skills endorsed by Earning “SAP Activate Project Manager” Certification.

Please leave your comments if you have any.
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