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I have been working with SAP SuccessFactors for 11 years and counting. During the years the one thing that has not changes is the Provisioning access method. It seems like this process has been resistant to process improvements over the years. I acknowledge that backend access is a very secure process and has to be audited and managed strictly. But it is also a very cumbersome process to establish access to 40 colleagues each supporting 3-9 clients over a 12 month period.

  • First, it is cumbersome to get the access.
  • Second, very few consultants actually get their access revoked.
  • Third, clients have no overview of who has backend access to their system
  • Fourth, the "provisioning audit framework" (announced back in 2014) has never been materialised
  • Fifth, as a partner company we cannot monitor or manage what accesses a colleague has

I could come up with 5 more just as valid topics, but really would like SAP to improve in this area. And I havent even talked about usability of Provisioning.

What improvement ideas do you see?  To whom in SAP would you suggest this topic is raised with?

All the best,

:smile: Erik Ebert

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