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Employee Experience has become a new imperative for organizations and HR professionals across the world. 

In this blog, I will go over best practices for improving EX, and list a few solutions available on the SAP Store that can significantly improve your employees’ working experience during and after this pandemic. 

The Pillars of Employee Experience

Every organization is trying to better understand what motivates their people, and what are the factors that drive higher employee engagement. Those factors are also the EX factors. 

In other words, employee experience is an emerging business function focused on tracing how employees think and feel during every single touchpoint of their journey through the company. 

Therefore, it is crucial that organizations assess all these touchpoints and find the bottlenecks that may cause poor employee experience in the workplace

According to Josh Bersin, this how “employers of choice” look like:

How to Improve Employee Experience

Based on Josh Bersin’s approach, we will no go over a few ways to significantly improve your employees’ experience and job satisfaction. Note that the importance of employee health and wellbeing is more important than ever before. Due to the current pandemic, many employees are experiencing higher stress levels, while organizations are doing everything in their power to keep their people healthy and safe. 

1. Make work more meaningful

Younger generations such as Millennials and Gen Z employees care more about doing meaningful work. They want to know how their own work impacts the society and the overall business success. 

Hence, it is crucial that organizations understand these drivers among their people and make work more meaningful to them. Furthermore, it is important the employers openly communicate about the organization’s corporate and social responsibility initiatives. 

2. Encourage and drive good employee-manager relationships

Employee-manager relationships are one of the main factors impacting employee experience. Moreover, managers account for over 70% of the variance in employee engagement

In order to motivate their people, managers need to:

  • Give clear directions and goals

  • Communicate frequently and openly to build trust

  • Provide on-the-spot feedback

  • Actively listen to employees and act based on results

💡 Employee surveys are still one of the best ways to test, measure, and improve your employees’ engagement and experience in the workplace. Qualtrics is the world’s leading employee survey solution designed to empower organizations to bring their EX efforts to the next level

3. Create and sustain inspiring workplace culture and environment

Building a positive workplace culture during these unprecedented times is a tall order for employers across the world. Many employees are struggling to stay motivated and balance their private and professional lives. 

Due to the emergence of remote work, many employees are dealing with new sources of frustrations they have never experienced before. 

💡 Luckily, there are many different software solutions offered on the SAP Store that can assist organizations in improving their virtual working environments and keep their employees motivated, inspired, and connected. 

4. Offer opportunities to learn and grow

Even though compensation and benefits are still the leading motivator for employees, they are just a short-term employee engagement and retention strategy. In other words, employees want other types of benefits related to their career growth and development. 

This is why digital learning management platforms (LMS) have become one of the most in-demand HR technologies in 2020 and 2021. 

💡 If you are looking for an LMS that integrates with SAP solutions, here are a few to consider:

5. Improve internal and leadership communications efforts

Internal communications has become an extremely important strategic business function last year. Keeping employees informed and up-to-date with the latest rules, regulations, processes, and procedures is now crucial for keeping employees safe and healthy, but also motivated and productive. 

💡 In partnership with SAP, Semos Cloud has recently developed a robust enterprise-grade employee communication platform, Nurture, that helps organizations to create and distribute engaging, personalized, and relevant content to every employee. 

6. Invest in employee health and wellbeing

As mentioned earlier, employee safety, mental and physical wellbeing have become priorities for companies across the world. Moreover, this is now considered one of the most important pillars of employee experience in the workplace. 

This great infographic shows the impact of COVID-19  on employee mental wellbeing

💡Check out some of these solutions that can help you improve your employees’ safety, health, and wellbeing initiatives:

Transforming Employee Experience Management

The scope of the employee experience has transcended the boundaries of HR and is now a company-wide initiative to create wellbeing, productivity, engagement and growth.  Business leaders now have to think about all the experiences that impact their employees not just in the workplace,

Listen to this podcast on Transforming Employee Experience Management: A New Way of Doing Business to learn how HR leaders that optimize their use of employee benefits, boost employee morale, and streamline internal processes, achieve better business results.

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