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This blog will cover the condition where you can generate a Notification to Appropriate Authority which can be a Buyer/Procurement Department , Accounts Payable Department/ Finance Department etc, that a Plant Maintenance Order/Workorder has been Technically Completed(TECO).




First we Login to SAP and Go to Transaction Code IW33. Display a PM Order

Now go to the following path and Check the Business Object Associated with PM Order.

The Business Object is BUS2007

Now let us go to Transaction code PFTC

Create a New Workflow Template

Give a Proper Description as mentioned below and Save It

Workflow Template Number is generated


Now we are going to create a Container element

Create the Container element Referencing the Business Object which is BUS2007


Make sure you make the Container Element Properties both Import and Export

Now mention the Business Object and Event accordingly

Select the Linkage button to Activate the Linkage between Event and Workflow

The Linkage configuration is saved in a Customizing Request


Now we click on Worlflow Builder to build our Workflow Steps.



Now right Click on the Design and Click on Create


Choose Send email step as mentioned


Now provide the below information that will appear in the notification email and hit Enter or green Tick

Create the email task as mentioned below or based on your naming convention

Now we activate the Workflow

Now let us Go to Transaction Code IW32 to test the Workflow

Follow the Path below to TECO an Order


Select the Green Tick Button

The PM Order has ben Changed/TECOd


Now let us go to Display Transaction Code IW33 and check Workflow Log


The Workflow has been triggered


Now let us go to SOST Transaction code to Check the Outgoing email in SAP


Here is our Email Notification that got generated from Workflow we designed.Select the Entry and click on Display


Below we have more information



This blog can be used for both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA


Below is the Video Version