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In Every Projects you go there will be requirement to enhance the Standard Screen to add some new Custom Fields. The general approach you do use Append Structure and add your Custom Fields. Sometime while analysing it may happen that you have the Append Structure name but you cannot find the Actual Structure it is attached to. You must be thinking Where-used list should help you find out but No it does not.



Let us first analyze the issue. Suppose the below structure I am looking to find where is attached.

Go To SE11 Tcode and enter the Custom Sctructure you have created. Click Display

Now press the Where used button

Now Press Select All Button and press enter


Oh No it say there is no hits

Remember one thing everything in SAP is a table entry.

Now let us go to SE16--> DD03L

Now enter the Structure as below and Execute or F8

Wala we found it

Let us verify in SE11 again with the new Structure

Here it is My Friends




You can use this blog both in SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA


Below is the Video version


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