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In every SAP Project you work for you will have a Custom table which is defined by the SAP Technical Consultant and generally it starts with z or y or based on Project naming standard. Sometimes this Custom table needs to be maintained manually and it is always a great Practice to create a separate Transaction Code for Maintenance. When you come to an existing Project it is very hard to know whether a Transaction Code is created for the Table Maintenance Generator for a particular Custom table or Standard Table.


Suppose we want to know whether a Table Maintenance Generator and a Transaction Code is created for table ZAP_PARENT_ORGUN

Check Table Maintenance Generator created for a Table.

Go To SE16-->TVDIR

Now we enter Table name ZAP_PARENT_ORGUN as mentioned below

If you have an entry that means a Table Maintenance generator is created like below.

Now we will check whether a Transaction Code is created for this Table Maintenance Generator.


Go To SE16-->TSTCP

Now enter * ZAP_PARENT_ORGUN * as mentioned below and Execute


Wala here we get the Transaction Code



You can use this both in SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA


Below is the video version.