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Many times we are using BAPIs / Function modules to fetch the characteristics values for the Sales Order, Deliveries and Invoices. But it may cause the performance issue in the program. Also as a functional consultant we have to remember the FM names for the required characteristics values and sometimes we do not have such authorization to execute the FM. This can be easier to us if we know the table navigation just like other sales tables joining logic to fetch the characteristics values based on SO/DO/Bill. The below table join logic will help to fetch the values for the Variant Characteristic’s values.

Remarks: You need to go to these tables IBIN and V_IBIN_SYVAL.

IBIN has VBAP object number and use that to get the IB: unique record number and then go to V_IBIN_SYVAL using that record number as the key.

Use Configuration Object number (VBAP-CUOBJ) to read the instance value in table IBIN and then get corresponding characteristics values selected from view V_IBIN_SYVAL

Similarly we can find it for LIPS-CUOBJ,VBRP-CUOBJ & etc.

  Table join diagram;

     VBAP                                             IBIN                                                  V_IBIN_SYVAL

Figure 1: A sample Table join logic view through SQVI


Order Number: 400035129 (Line Item: 10)

  1. VBAP: Enter order no, get Configuration (CUOBJ): 4264666 leading zeroes not needed.

   2.  IBIN: Enter Component (INSTANCE): 4264666.

Get Record Number (IN_RECNO): KPNzEgcN483X08002XC4FG

   3.  V_IBIN_SYVAL: Enter Record Number (IN_RECNO).

Get Internal Char no. (ATINN) and Characteristic Value (ATWRT) (Multiple values for these two fields).

Step by Step Screen Shot

Figure2: Sales order item configuration (CUOBJ) data


Figure4: Record number from table IBIN with the help of Component (VBAP-CUOBJ)

Figure5: IBIN-IN_RECNO in table V_IBIN_SYVAL

Figure5: Sales Order item Variant Configuration Values

I hope this document will help to test the sales vc values required in various reports as output.



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