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It is very useful to know which is the Configuration Path of Multiple Fields in SAP. This helps you in finding the exact configuration Location to do the Configuration of any Configuration item. This blog also covers the Specific Transaction Codes for those Configuration item if someone does not wish to go through the IMG. SAP Security Team would love it as they can control the different IMG path based on Transaction Code.



In this Blog we will show how we can get all the Configuration Item for Purchase Order Header Table. This blog can be used for Multiple Fields/Tables also.

Everybody knows how to create an ABAP Query and trust me you can find a lot of them in SCN.

Here is a Link in case you need it.


First we Create a ABAP Query using the Following Join Condition.

Below is the Selection Screen

Below is the Layout

Below we want to check the output for Purchasing Group in Purchase Order(EKKO-EKGRP)

Below is the output. Now Copy the Transaction Code

Now let us check the Transaction Code

Now we can go to exact transaction code to maintain the Purchasing Group.

You can also do that using Transaction Code SM30->V_024

Click Maintain

Below is the output which is the same as for Transaction Code


Now we want to see all the Configuration items for PO Header Table

Wala Below is the Output. You need to be conversant enough to pick the item relevant to your process Area as Company Code is maintained in a bunch of Module in SAP



This solution can be used in SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA

Also check the below blogs which shows IMG path in a different way



Below is the Video version




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