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Hello Friends,

This blog post provides an information on How to find BP Grouping in Transaction Code BP.

I involved in many SAP S4 HANA conversion project, I shared this information as User always have a query,  how to get the information about exact BP grouping which they used for creating Business Partner at transaction level.

Business Partner is the leading object in S4 HANA, Business Partner is always assigned to exactly one BP grouping when we create it. This determine the number range and also fixed. BP grouping can not be changed afterwards unlike the account groups for customers and vendors.  Hence By going through this article, It will explain how to identify BP grouping in Business Partner. This Blog may be looks small but informative.


Go to Transaction Code BP and put the BP Number XXXXXXX

In menu bar click on Extras and than click on create/change and we can see the BP grouping used for Business Partner


We can find BP grouping used for BP in transaction itself instead of checking in table level.

Please feel free to reach out to me via the comments section if you need any further information or clarification on the topic. Also, you can post your queries in the Q&A tag area


With Regards

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