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This document is illustrated with screenshots from test and demo systems on SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0. To know whether you can use the features described, it’s important to know which release you’re using and whether your organization has implemented the relevant business function (assuming it’s available in that release).

Release Levels

To find out what release you’re on, select System • Status. This will take you to the System: Status popup shown.

The entry in the Component Version field tells us that this system is on SAP ECC 6.0, but not what enhancement package we’re on. To see the enhancement package, click on the icon under Component Version and scroll to the entry for the software component SAP_APPL,

Here you can see that SAP_APPL is on Release 606, which tells us that this is equivalent to SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0.

Now that you know what release you’re using, you can check whether certain functions have been activated.

Enterprise Extensions and Business Functions

The enterprise extensions and business functions are activated using Transaction SFW5. Normally end users don’t have access to this transaction, so you’ll have to talk to an administrator about activating the business function you need. Since the business function controls what menus are visible, what functions are active within a transaction, and what fi elds are shown, if the screen you see looks different from the one in this book, there’s a chance that you have not activated a business function

This figure shows the warning message when you call Transaction SFW5

Click "continue"

The switch framework was used for the fi rst time in Release 4.7. You’ll fi nd the enterprise extensions in the fi rst folder. The business functions were used for the fi rst time in the context of enhancement packages for SAP ERP 6.0. If you’re using an industry-specifi c system, you’ll find a third folder for industry enhancements

Figure  shows all the enterprise extensions.

For example You need to activate the busssines function HCM, HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 1 (HCM_ERC_CI_1) you have to select the bussiness function and click

Now the bussiness function is activated

Business Function Details

Transaction SFW5 contains links to much that will support your decision to activate a business function, including a release note, the relevant documentation, and a link to a test catalog that will guide you through how to test the new function.

Figure C.6 shows the test catalog for business function SAP E-Recruiting 1 (HCM_ERC_CI_1). Clicking on the icons will take you into a description of how to test in your own system.

Now you’ll know what to do if menus or screen fields referenced in the text are not visible in your system.


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