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As part of functional consultant responsibilities, nowadays it is very essential to learn different ways to find the tables.  It is not easy to remember all the tables associated to one module and the way it is integrated to other modules.

This particular learning will help us

  • To prepare the functional specification documents
  • To Provide correct and accurate information to the Technical Consultant for developing reports
  • To Improve time management on handling issue

This blog will help you to identify the Tables and I am going to describe a scenario where we need to find the Cost Centers assigned to Work Center in different periods.

Step 1: In the Work Order Operation Tab, click F1 in the field Work Center

Step 2 : Click on highlighted Icon - Technical Details

Step 3 : Double on the Data Element - ARBPL

Step 4 : Click Where used List as highlighted above

Step 5: Check Tables and Press the Green Tick

Now you can search for the appropriate table relevant to your requirement. Here i am searching for Work Center related Table

Step 6 : We have got the header table CRHD. Go to SE16 - CRHD - Pass Work Center, check whether cost center is available

This table does not have the cost center data.

In most of the case, to link between tables, SAP uses Internal Number, Object ID's, Object Number. In this Table ID (Object ID) can be a link between tables.

Kindly repeat the STEP 1 to STEP 5 to get the tables associated with the Object ID

Step 7 : Repeating the STEP 1 to STEP 5 for the field ID "10000208"

We found Table CRCO - Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center

Step 8 : Go to SE16 - Table - CRCO - Pass Object ID "10000208"

On execution

Work Center is associated with Cost Center 1213 till 25.09.2015 and from 26.09.2015 it is associated with cost center 1215.

In my experience, this looks like a simple scenario, but more complex scenarios will be when you are trying to find linkages with Task list and datas corresponding to it.

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