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"External reference" field - is the field from financial deal master data. Usually it is used to store external id of contract, agreement, treaty, etc.

I can count about 3 types of data entry for this field:

  1. Manual entry: You create a deal. Enter deal's data. Enter data to "external reference" field (you can even make the status of this field - Required - just not to forger to enter the data. And you can even use user-exits to check the entry - badi FTR_TR_GENERIC, method EVT_TRANSACTION_CHECK (works when you press button "Check"), method EVT_TRANSACTION_SAVE_CHECK (works when you save a deal)
  2. Automatic entry from outside of the deal: You have created a deal. And after that you need to enter data in the field "External reference" using Z* programm. The only way to fill the field - to directly update it - VTBFHAZU-NORDEXT. This field is text field. It doesn't depend on any other data and no other data doesn't depend on it.
  3. Automatic entry from inside of the deal: Example, you use master agreement master data as Generel agreement for deposits.When you invest you money in deposit using General agreement, each subsequent deposit contract number must be incremented. You have to create Echancement point (read BC427 course) inside include LTM00FRV, form RAHMENVERTRAG_EINSTIEG_PRUEFEN and writer your code.
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