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I would like to share my knowledge, to find the changes history for Multiple Po's and PR's.

Generally when we need to check any changes happends in Po or PR, we approach the transaction code go display(ex: ME23N for Po) the purchasing document and menu bar environment ----> header changes and item changes. Here we find the changes for only one PO.

If you want to check in table level, CDHDR for header level changes and CDPOS for item level changes. But for some users they don't have access to check table and some of user they don't have idea about the Table's.

In that case they mostly approach the standard reports.Standard SAP they provided  report for changes document display with complete information.

Transaction code for changes document display for PO's and PR's and other documents also is RSSCD100

T-code : RSSCD100

Object class for PO                                                  : EINKBELEG

Object class for PR                                                  : BANF

Object class for SES                                                : ENTRYSHEET

Object class for Info record                                        : INFOSATZ

Object class for out bound delivery                             : LIEFERUNG

Object class for incoming invoice                               : INCOMINGINVOICE

Object class for Quota arrangements                          : QUOTEN

Object class for Versions for purchasing document      : REVISION

Based on your requirement you can see changes by using object class. if you know Document  number you can enter as object ID.

If you want to check item level changes

In out put table key field, displays with item number and if you changes done schedule line then it will show with schedule line. see below screen, in table key field line some of the values showing only client and Po number and some of values showing client and Po number with item number and some of fields showing client and PO number with item number with schedule line number example( 1004500000000000100001).

If you know you can provide from date and To date also.  In out put it displays with transaction code.

Hope it is helpful to all.

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