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The standard system provide an option to exclude specific cost elements and Recovery indicators from budget availability control. But if you try to exclude specific Recovery indicators in combination with wild card “*” in cost elements, system issues a warning on system performance and will not allow to save your settings. Similarly if you want to exclude multiple accounts, it is not possible to do it directly and you need to enter the accounts one by one only and it is quite laborious process in case you are dealing with huge amount of data.

These scenarios are more prominent in Oil & Gas industry where Joint Venture Accounting is used and there is a necessity to exclude cutback postings from Budget control. If the cutbacks are not excluded from budget control, they would raise the available budget for spending again which is not correct in real life.


As a work around, the above scenarios can be handled by leveraging Origin Groups functionality, but it is tedious and standard system does not support substitution of origin groups.

Recently SAP had issued OSS note 2249375 to address the exclusion of Recovery Indicators in particular to support cutback process.

Step 1: As a first step, we should implement the  SAP notes 2213185 and 2238793 as mentioned in above note to get BADI:  BADI_AVC_EXCL and this is used to exclude accounts and Recovery Indicators as required.

Step 2: Create Sets in GS01 for both accounts and Recovery Indicators to be excluded from AVAC. The advantage of sets is easy maintenance and data change is possible as and when required

Step 3: Make a reference of sets created above in the Check method of BADI and you are done. Sample code attached at the end of the document

Pls note this BADI does not support excluding document types from AVAC. If you need to exclude only document types, then leveraging origin groups is the best option.


Created Project, Budgeted the project and Posted actual cost to Project and ran cutback, there is no increase in budget even after posting of cutback documents, hence the requirement is fulfilled.

Report CN41N before posting actuals and commitments:

CJI3 report for Actual cost posted Before Posting Cutback:

Actual Cost after posting Cutback in CJI3 report:

CN41N report after cutback postings, note there is no difference in budget before and after cutback postings

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