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Document splitting is part of new General ledger functionality that is widely implemented in all new SAP implementations in either ECC or S/4 HANA implementations.


One of common errors that raised after document splitting configuration:

  • There is no item category assigned to account XXXXX/1000

In addition to other related errors for item categories like:

  • Item category XXXX is missing (obligatory in accounting transaction 1000/0)

Another example of errors raised from inaccurate item categories is

  • Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled


As wrong item category leads to wrong splitting of document splitting process, as per below example where tax account have incorrect item category


Following screen from  expert mode in general ledger simulation shows incorrect item category for tax which generates error

Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled

as no profit center could be split as per attached screen

With correct item category, It shows splitting process working fine as following


Now, After shows how important of item category for document splitting process and splitting logic, let's discuss very important tool that ensures that item categories are maintained correctly.


When to use?


In this blog post, we are going to discuss program [FAGL_CHECK_ACCOUNT] that can be used to:


1- Easley configure document splitting item category in accurate way for new implementations


2- Check item category configured and compare with system recommendations


How does it works?


Program [FAGL_CHECK_ACCOUNT] analysis two things:

1- Settings for G/L Account master data

Ex. Vendors Reconciliation account

2- G/L Accounts assigned in Configuration

Ex. Tax account and Material GL account assigned in OBYC


What are the results ?

After Program finanalizes this analysis, it compares setting that you enter in items category configuration (If any) as following

1- First it displays GL general information  CoA , Company code , GL number and Description

2- Second part contains analysis:

  • Default Item Category: represents suggested item Category based on GL Master Data or Configuration


  • Item Category: represents item category that's configured (If not it will be empty)



3- Status:

  • Green In case of both Default item category (Suggested by System) equals Item category maintained in configuration

  • Yellow in case of Default item category (Suggested by System) Not equal Item category maintained in configuration

  • Status Red in case of item category maintained in configuration



1- System suggested to change item category to be 06000 Material as material , However, It's created with item category 01000 as balance sheet

2- When checking configuration we found this GL account assinged to OBYC in BSX valuation class


That's why we can consider this analysis is correct



Can I limit checking results?

Results for report can be limited by following selection options till G/L level as per following screens

and / or limit selection to only usable accounts ( Neither blocked nor having deletion flag )


What are program Limitations?

However, 'Apply Defaults' checkbox makes it possible to copy the default values ( Suggested values by system ) for the classification of the accounts to Customizing automatically.

It can't be used if customization maintained for chart of accounts as following error will raised

Values already exist for at least one of the charts of accounts selected



By end of this blog post we emphasis the importance of item categories and its main role that affect document splitting and in turn all financial postings either in General ledger, Subsidiary ledger or financial document flows from other module.

We went through small case that shows small changes in item category configuration can lead to big consequences, error messages that may raise based on incorrect or incomplete item categories and fast way to check and analyze item categories for document splitting.
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