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Business Requirement: Many time business need to monitor change Log in Tables. From functional, maintainence support point of view it is important if business can track who is making change and change log. 

Here I will  discuss, how can we acivate change log for Y or Z table. Hope it will be useful .


  • Activate Logging only where it is really necessary,  Activating logging slows down accesses that change the table.
  • If  many users access this log table in parallel. This could cause lock situations even though the users are working with different application tables. So decide judicially before activating this.

This  requires Basis and ABAP setting, but knowing this as a functional consultant will be really helpful.

1. T Code: RZ11  Type Parameter name 'rec/client'

Check basis settings allow to record table logging or not. If it is not activated then you may take help of basis team to activate this.

2. T Code SE11: Once RZ11 setting is ok then go to Tcode SE11. Enter Y or Z table name where you want to activate logging.  Go to the technical setting of table. There Log Data change field should be marked to allow change Logging. If it is not flagged then take help of ABAPER to activate this,

3. Tcode SCU3: Now once above settings are active, you will find change log in this Tcode.

Enter Y Table name for which logging activated

Execute and you will be able to see Change log


Neeraj Lal

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