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As an administrator you might want to create a customized role menu for certain roles. So users could access their frequently used transactions or websites with a single click. We all know that individual user could easily add transactions or websites into personal account’s favorite folder. How to customize the menu for a role then? SAP can help you with this situation. The following blog will show you how to customize role menu in steps.

1.      Type PFCG in the command field on the standard toolbar. It will take you to the following screen.

Enter Role: SINGLE_ROLE_1_E-xxx (You could find your role in SU01)


Click on the change button

Select the Menu tab in the Change Roles screen

Highlight the folder “Role Menu’ (do not click on arrow – click on folder symbol just before role menu)

And then click on the folder icon as highlighted below.

The Create a Folder screen appears. Enter Folder Name: Custom Menu



A new folder named as Custom Menu will be added to the Role menu as shown below: 

2.      Now create one more folder named as Extras under the Custom Menu.

Highlight the folder Custom Menu and then click on the folder icon as done in Step 1 before and create a new folder called Extras.

The following screen should appear with new folder Extra under Custom Menu. 

3.      Now select the custom menu and click on Transactions   button.

Type Transaction code as VA05 and press enter.  Text will be populated automatically

       Click on Assign transactions

      The following screen appears. List of Sales Orders transaction appears under Custom Menu folder.


You will notice that transaction has been added to the custom menu.

4. Now select Extras folder   and click on Other button


      The following screen will appear


Make sure web address or file is selected and click on 

Type in the web address you want:


Click enter and you will notice that a Search Engine entry has been added to Extras Folder.

5. Click on Authorisations Tab

Click on  Change Authorisation Data. And click on Yes to save the role.

6. The Change Role: Authorizations screen appears

Click on yellow triangle   just before SALES REPESENTATIVE.

The following window will appear. Accept it by pressing enter


Click on Save Button and then click on Generate Profile  on the standard toolbar

Click on  Back, you will notice all the tabs including Authorisation and User have turned green.

7. Refresh composite role to reflect the changes made in both single roles:

Click on  back until you reach the Role Maintenance screen

Enter Role: Z_COMPOSITE _ROLE_3_E-XXX (You could find composite role using SUIM)

8. Click on the Change button and click on Menu tab, and then click on Read menu button

Click on Reimport   button and then click Save. Your Change Roles screen Menu tab look like the following screen:

So now you have customized the role menu. Just login the system and do some real work!

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