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Dear Friends,

Welcome to another interesting Blog.

In this blog will try to understand the use of LTMOM (Migration Object Modeler)

In order to upload Data SAP has provided a tool which will save time and make a smooth transition in LTMC.

By using LTMC we can upload master data and open transactional data during Implementations such as Greenfield and Brownfield or even for day-to-day business activities.

Here are links to know more about LTMC if you wanted to know more.

LTMC Master Data (BP – Supplier) Step by Step Process | SAP Blogs

LTMC for Master Data Step by Step Process | SAP Blogs

So with an example, I would like to explain the process of LTMOM.

Let's say a business wants a new field to add in the material master like any “Z” Field. But in LTMC only standard fields of Material master will be available, So LTMOM comes to rescue you to address your business requirements to make a customized upload function.

Below is the Template of LTMC for uploading material master, So business wants a new field to be adopted after “Batch management Requirement indicator” to address this requirement

Steps to make changes to LTMC Template

  1. Open LTMOM Transaction.

  2. Give the project name in which you want to make changes and select the Migration object

3. Once you select the required project and object which need to be customized, will be able to see in the source structure of exact Template sheet wise structure.

4.Select under which structure changes required.

5. Select the line item after to which new field to be placed and click on insert field.

6. Maintain the Z field which you have created with the following details,

  1. Data Type

  2. Length

  3. Decimal places

  4. Column header

  5. Group text

Once “Z” field has been added custom field indicator will be enabled.

  1. Once the required changes have been made. Save the changes and generate the LTMOM to get the updated Template.

  2. Changes made to the object will overwrite the existing/standard LTMC template and generate a new updated template where you have added “Z” Fields,

  3. While the new template is generating you can see below messages


10. Now open LTMC and go to project and download template.

11. You can see new fields which you added.

Key points.

  1. Changes which have been made are only at project level it will not apply to total LTMC Object.

  2. While making changes in LTMOM don’t open Project in LTMC which will cause locking

  3. Once changes are completed and LTMOM generated refresh LTMC or reopen the project to get an updated template.

  4. By using the same method we can add fields or remove fields


Please share, Like and Comment anything else you want to share or add points.

Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4HANA Logistics

SAP Ariba P2P





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