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In an MTS scenario MRP always considers requirements on the same date as one requirement.

In order to force MRP to create a separate planned order for each dependent requirement BAdI MD_ADD_ELEMENT method ADD_CHANGE_ELEMENTS can be used.

This is a basic coding which shows how this can basically be achieved. Please consider performance issues, type of call, type of call, etc.

And adjust according to your business requirements.

data: lf_temp_date type DAT00, ls_MDPS type BADI_MDPSX, lf_planr type PLANR.


loop at CH_COPY_MDPSX into ls_MDPS where delkz = 'SR'. " whatever requirement you have AR, SM, etc.

     if ls_MDPS-dat00 = lf_temp_date.

          ls_mdps-planr = lf_planr + 1.
          lf_planr = ls_mdps-planr.
            lf_planr = ls_mdps-planr.

      lf_temp_date = ls_mdps-date00


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