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Up to SAP ECC versions, House banks and account Ids were created in SPRO configuration. Starting S/4Hana, House banks and Accounts can now be managed through Netweaver – accessed via Transaction code NWBC.

It is also possible to upload a template with all the required bank accounts in one go. However this requires a little bit of file transformation to be carried out before upload. This is explained in the blog below

Prerequisites : To be able to perform operations relating to Bank Account Management (BAM), it is required to have the role SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER assigned to your user ID

To start, go to T-code NWBC in SAP GUI and once the browser opens, click on the hyperlink for SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER


The following window opens. It is possible to create/ change Banks,  Manage House banks and Bank accounts, Manage signatories, overdraft limits etc pertaining to individual bank accounts

To upload multiple bank accounts click on “Import and Export Bank accounts” and then “Download XML spreadsheet template. This tool can also be used to transfer bank accounts from one system to another like from Dev to Quality and so on.



An XML spreadsheet is download. The spreadsheet is then filled in.


Specifically fill in the “General and Additional data” and “Connectivity Path”

Convert the file to correct format

To convert the file it is necessary to Activate the Developer tab. This is found under Options --> Customize ribbon ; Check “Developer” tab as below-




After that a new menu “Develop” will appear on Excel. On that menu click on “Export” to export the file to the correct format.


The file is saved.



This is the screenshot in SAP BEFORE UPLOAD (there are no accounts)




Then go to “Import and Export Bank Accounts” and “Import with test run. If there are any errors they need to be corrected in input file and the file needs to be reexported to correct format using Developer tab.


If test run is “Green” upload with actual “Import” option


The account is created, which can be verified in NWBC and Back end



To conclude, this tool has made it very easy to upload a large number of bank accounts, instead of doing it one by one in SPRO as we used to do in ECC earlier. Also it is possible to export the accounts from one SAP system and import into another one, with or without changes.

This feature is useful in a greenfield implementation scenario where the client has a large number of bank accounts, for example , in different currencies.

Let me know if you found this feature useful, or any suggestion to do it better by posting your comments in the comments section. I will be happy to respond to any questions.

You will find similar artciles here https://answers.sap.com/tags/131623764915182240635655

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