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Dear Friends

I'm going to show a simple way to create ESS Users in bulk using HRUSER T-code.

Access HRUSER T-code from Easy Access menu, Now we get a new screen where we can change the settings for the following "Preparation" "User/authorization" "Roles" assignments.

1) Assignment of Employee's to Existing Users

this option can be used to assign already existing system users to employees, like eg: SAPUSER to EMP#12345678

2) Copy SAP role --> Customer Name space

Normally we need to copy the roles from PFCG T-code & we need to copy the composite role SAP_WP_EMPLOYEE in Central system of Central user Administration. And if it's Inactive we need to keep a copy of this role in workplace system. So, its a best practice to copy from PFCG T-code.

3) Change User attributes/key date

In this we can change the following settings like Key date, Password Assignment, Password, Roles Assignment etc..

click on Execute & save.

4) Select Employee's using Employee master

now system will open a new screen where we need to select the employee's based on our requirement.

Now system will open another screen where it lists out the number of employee's overall with user's & without users & Inactive employee's details too.

Now system will display all the list of employee's who are without users, now we need to select the users to whom we want to create ESS users.

Select the user & click on Create

now system will show the user attributes screen, select the appropriate attributes & click on Execute

Now system will generate a user Id by default with starting with "P" as prefix.

here we can see the employee number as "10000169" & User name as "P10000169" with 9 digits. by selecting the record & clicking on HR Master data we can directly access to PA30 screen where we can assign the system user name in IT0105 0001.

now selecting User master Record we can directly go to SU01 screen. here you can maintain parameters, roles, logon data where you can change the user type as required "dialog" user or "System user" etc.

Now before going to access this user in Portal, make sure you assign the proper ESS/MSS roles in User Admin

Now open in portal with the following User name & password provided earlier

This is the process that we need to follow to create bulk users using HRUSER

Kindly let me know if anything else need to added or I've missed.

Hope this Document will be useful!!!



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