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You will learn here

                   1. How to Access Mobile Services in BTP.

                   2. More about Instance & Service Key.

                   3. Create Destination in Cloud Foundry for MDK App.



Step 1 : Go to Mobile Service from trial account.

In the left pane, choose Services > Service Marketplace and search for Mobile Service and open Mobile Services




Click on Support to open SAP Mobile Services Cockpit.




Step 2: Open Instance

In the left pane, choose Instance & Subscription and search for Authorization & Trust Management and we can see Instance that is created while created application.




Step 3: Download Service Key

Click on Instance you can see Service Key in right panel, download that.



This Service Key has all details of Northwind Sample Service. And looks like below image.




Step 4: Create new destination in cloud foundry

In the left pane, choose Destination and click on New Destination.



Enter the below information and Save, The Destination will be created.

Name : As you want...

Type  : HTTP

Description : As you want...

Url : Copy the url from the default service created from mobile cockpit app

Proxy Type : Internet

Authentication : OAuth2JWTBearer

Client ID : Copy from the above service key from downloaded file and paste here

Client Secret : Copy from the above service key from downloaded file and paste here

Token Service Url : Copy the sburl link from service key downloaded file and paste here & add /oauth/token suffix at the end of the url.

*Add the additional property as well






This blog post help us how to access mobile services in BTP, more information about instances, service keys & destination creation in SAP Cloud Foundry for MDK Application. SAP Business Technology Platform is slight different from SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.



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