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Hello All,

In this Blog we are going to see How to create CDS view In Rise with SAP Public Cloud 2208

Introduction- SAP Create Custom CDS View

SAP Create Custom CDS View can be used to generate the user’s own data access, in case they require access to data in the ERP system which is either not available in the standard apps or a report is needed to give more visibility to stakeholders or to create custom application that reads data from SAP.

Generally, the data of an application is spread across numerous database tables. SAP create custom CDS view that permits you to model the data access without altering underlying database tables. You can reorganize the table fields and define the metadata of the fields that fit into one object but then are set in different databases. Follow these steps when you are ready to create an app through the SAP create Custom CDS view.


Below is the summary of the steps we would be following

  1. Creating CDS View

  2. Specify Join condition

Check the logs and publish the CDS view which would be ready to use.

“Core Data Services to build design-time data-persistence models”



Move to the tile as “Custom CDS View”


Click on Create and fill in the below detail. Note only when the Scenario is Analytical Dimension you can use the CDS view to create an analytical Query from it.


Enter the detail name of which you want to customise the data source

  • Label

  • Name

  • Scenario fields are mandatory then go to create option


The screen will be display then Add the Primary Data Source


Select the data Source

Screen will be displayed like this after selecting the data source, Next move to Associated Data Source.

Add Join Condition



Add Join Condition

Select Cardinality and click on Add to choose the field for association in join condition


Go to Tab Elements to select the field you require

Select on the field you want from the 3 data sources

Below are the selected field

If you need some filter option as a then add the filter.


All are done, then click the “Check” and” Preview” button


After Preview you can Publish it.


Conclusion – How To Create Custom CDS View

In this article, we talked about the steps used to create an app with the help of the Custom CDS View. Which in general, are intended to be consumed by a UI, analytics, or other systems.


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