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Main purpose of this T-Code is to customise any standard SAP transaction in a minimum time, by which a new version will be created of standard SAP T-code without any actual modification. It can be used in a way that if we dont want any bunch of users to view or enter any thing in a particular field then we can do this without going for any customization.

The below Document will give steps for using Transaction Variant for Vendor Master Creation [FK01]:

  1.   Enter T-Code 'SHD0':

Enter in Transaction Code – FK01

Enter in Transaction Variant – ZFK01 and then on create button

  1.   In the next screen T-Code FK01 will be opened in recording mode.

Here we are going to hide Reference Vendor Tab, so enter some default value '1800177'.

Then click enter and new pop up screen will be opened.

  1.   In the confirm screen entries, we can choose what we want to do in that screen. Enter screen variant short txt as 'Testing' and tick on Invisible Tab to hide Reference Vendor from the screen.

Then Click on Menu Functions.

4. After clicking on 'Menu Functions' tab, a screen will be opened, in that select Vendor → EANZ (Display) and then De-activate button. This will now be deactivated and it will be in yellow. Now Click on Enter Tab.

5. After above step on confirmation, click on 'Exit and Save' Tab.

  1.   Now system will ask for saving the Transaction Variant. It has to be saved in either a New Request of can be saved as 'Local Object'.

  1.   We can now test the transaction Variant in the Initial Screen by Clicking on 'Test' Button.

Assigning Transaction Variant ot Transaction Code:

  1.   Run T-Code 'SE93'. Enter Transaction Code – 'ZFK01_tcode' and Click on 'Create' Tab.

  1.   In next screen enter short text and select Radio Button of 'Transaction with variant (variant transaction) and click on Enter.

3. In next screen, enter text in 'Transaction' & 'Transaction Variant' field.

By this now a new Transaction Code – 'ZFK01_TCODE' is available with Reference → Vendor Field as Invisible.

We can see from above that Reference → Vendor field is Invisible and a default Vendor is selected.

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