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Introduction –

This blog is all about configuring a tile on Fiori Launchpad to be searched based on T-Code. I have faced this issue myself while searching for a tile with a Transaction Code and i am quite sure that many of us have faced the same problem. In order to check, I have to open the transaction in sap back end and then look for the text of the same. After that, I have to use the same text to search for the tile in Fiori Launchpad.

Now, in my experience what I have seen is, this is mostly needed for the Business Users who wants to search the tiles based on the T-Codes used in sap back end system.


Solution –

Please Note - In this blog we haven't shown the entire Tile, Catalog configuration for T-Code however we have tried to throw light on the configuration area via which a tile can be searched with a Transaction Code.

Assumption – The tile is already being created for the T-Code. Here, in this scenario I need a tile to be searched by T-Code - IW53.

Now, to find the solution i was trying to check the technical/business catalog for this tile however at that time i was not having any excel based tracker which list all the technical/business catalog mappings with the respective tiles.

So to dig down, i have used the Report Program /UI2/FLT. This helped me to find out the technical/business catalog for this.

I have executed the report program /UI2/FLT using SE38 - This has provided all the details regarding catalogs. (Please enter your user id in the field - Analyze for User before executing)

After that, I have used T-Code /UI2/FLPD_CUST to view the tiles under the catalog which i have found using the previous report program. Then i have identified the tile Display Service Notification from the tiles under the same catalog.

Now, when i had a look at the configuration, i noticed one field called keywords which was blank for that tile.

So basically, then i have added the T-Code IW53 in the same field.

Next to that, I tried searching for the tile using the same Transaction Code from Fiori Launchpad.

Superb! It worked!


Conclusion – The above approach can be used to configure tiles on Fiori Launchpad to be searched via Transaction Code. Adding to that the keywords field can be used to make the Tile searchable on any standard or custom T-Codes relevant for the same.

I hope you find this blog interesting and helpful. I wrote this blog to share my knowledge with you so if i have missed anything important please feel free to add the same in comment box.

Stay happy and blessed.

Thank You
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