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Having an email list is a form of marketing win. If someone subscribes to your email list, it means they believe something about your brand. But the work is hardly done, except if your goal does not extend beyond expanding the email list. For most marketers though, the email list is far from the end. Technically, some email subscribers can be potential leads, other subscribers tend to be prospects in the larger picture. 

The question now is: how do you fulfill your ultimate marketing goal via email marketing?

Email marketing is effective for capturing leads. Every type of email marketing content (promotional or non-promotional) can be optimized for a lead generation once there is a clear call-to-action. Yet, the following three points remain true irrespective of the details of your overall strategy. These points are extensively explained in this article:

  • Share valuable and useful content

  • Make your point simply and clearly

  • Tap into people’s visual attention


Sharing Valuable Content

Marketers often make the mistake of focusing too much on sales, without caring much for whether their prospects perceive value from their promotion or not. Email communications are entirely personalized. Unlike social media, with emails, you can talk only directly with someone else. That’s a privilege to be utilized to the fullest. 

Change your marketing objective from ‘how can I get this person to buy this product?’ to ‘what value can I deliver to this person’. At the end of the day, people only buy products and use services if they meet a need in their lives, even if that need is superficial. Therefore, cut the sale-sy language and optimize your content to communicate value. 

Now, marketing is not a one-time affair; consistently engaging prospects with useful content boosts their trust in your brand. Remember: each person on your list subscribed to your emails for a specific reason(s). Find out what that reason is and continually serve them with content that makes them feel like signing up all over again. 


Keep Text Concise and Precise

Conciseness is giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words. The average time spent reading an email is a few seconds. That’s why you have to get your point across precisely and succinctly. 

Choose your words carefully, and gear them towards an intended action. Don’t send any email out until you have a satisfactory answer to the question: what do I want recipients to do by reading this email? Thus, your call-to-action must be very clear and optimized for mobile users in particular. 

Conciseness does not only concern the text but also design. Avoid flashy designs, media, and templates that may distract from the main point. Adjust fonts according to the importance of each message block. Highlight the benefits and features of an offer using bullet points. In essence, align your concise text with an optimized design to guide each recipient’s attention to the CTA via an overall visually-appealing email. Software such as S/4 Hana is useful for email marketing templates.


Leverage Visual Media

Text is boring and even our brain knows. This does not mean plain text messages are no longer effective, It still works well and fine. However,  your email marketing would probably benefit more when you add visual elements to further retain the attention of your subscribers. It’s not only e-commerce marketers who need visuals integrated into their email content. Anything from GIFs and memes to videos can be included in your emails to make your message pop. 

If you are looking to connect with the more humorous side of your subscribers, then visuals are the way to go. The younger generation (millennials and Gen Z) particularly love memes. Using them would simply be equivalent to communicating in their ‘native’ language. 

Including visuals media help you communicate a lengthy message in an easily digestible format. We have seen that when persuading someone via email, a short and precise message is more effective. However, what happens if you have more information that can’t be captured in a few paragraphs? Use images, infographics, GIFs, memes, a video, etc. These mediums help you get your point across with more directness. 



While the points above are useful for collecting leads via email, the most important decisions you apply would yield results after doing the solid groundwork. For instance, you can’t tell how valuable your email would be to recipients unless you have first determined the intents, pain points, needs, and personality of your audience. This includes creating an effective marketing funnel and mapping a customer journey that provides insights into the behaviors of your targets and prospects. In all, look beyond sales and pay more attention to connecting with your targets.
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