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Hello Everyone,

The following process will shed light on How to Clear Stolen or Damaged Stock from In Transit Stock.

Problem Statement:

The issue is that when businesses transfer intra company stock, some stocks has been stolen or damaged in In-Transit and that stock shows in the system under In-Transit report (MB5T). After sometimes such type of stock increases gradually and once upon a time it has a huge value stand in the system. Mostly businesses transfer the stock to a specific storage location and they either scrapped or issue to a cost center that stolen or damaged stock from that storage location.


To directly scrapped/remove stolen/damaged stock, there is a standard movement type – 557 (GI adjustment in transit). By transaction MB1A, you can adjust stolen/damaged stock and removed from the In-Transit stock. Let’s say, 662.5 LB stock is stolen or damaged. Now execute the transaction MB1A and adjust the stock 662.5 LB by using movement type-557.

To Conclude:

After successfully document posted, check the stock in MB52 or MMBE. The balance stock will be shown after adjustment of stock in movement type-557. Now business can receive the actual stock from In-Transit and complete the stock transfer transaction.

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Best Regards,

Neeraj Jain

SAP Technical Manager in HCL Technologies Limited
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