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Business Configuration Set (BC Set)

In the R/3 system from SAP, a Business Configuration Set (BC Set) is a management tool that allows the user to record, save, and share customized settings. By creating a BC Set, the user is provided with a snapshot of the customized settings of a system that can be used later on as a template; SAP also provides pre-packaged BC sets designed for specific industries and applications. BC Sets are useful because they provide continuity and prevent project team members from overwriting each other's settings.

By using 2 T-CODES we can perform all BC set activities.

  • SCPR3 – Display and Maintain BC sets

  • SCPR20 – Activation of BC sets

    • BC sets can also be used in group roll-outs where the customization settings can be compiled for pilot and passed on in a structured way to other roll-out locations.

    • SAP also provides Pre-packaged BC sets for selected industry sectors.

    • When BC Set is created, values from original customizing tables are copied into BC Set.

    • When you activate this BC set in other system the values stored in BC sets are copied to corresponding customizing tables of the system.

Types of BC sets:

  1. Simple BC Set - BC set contains data from customizing table rows and columns. There is no limitation on the size of BC set. BC set can contain data.

  2. Hierarchical BC Set - Hierarchical BC Set consists of other BC sets which can be simple BC sets or Hierarchical BC sets. They represent Hierarchy.


How to Check and Download All BC sets:




System might restrict the entries displayed, based on your user setting. Refer below screenshot.

For changing the user setting, go to “More” on right side and navigate utilities-> user setting


Reload all BC sets to see all the entries.

To activate the BC sets we should know the sequence. By the help of BASIS team can activate BC sets. Also BASIS can import of BC sets from one environment to another.

BC sets are hierarchical and that they were done manually, given that this is an Assemble to Order environment.
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