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It is a common mistake by user to enter wrong hiring date while entering the data into SAP. But as far as we have not run the payroll we can change the Hiring date via PA41. But if we will get to know this mistake after payroll run and if it has already been posted then what to do?

Does SAP has provision to change the hiring date and the answer is yes.

Here we will take an example:

We have hired one xyz employee on 01.01.2011 and payroll is also run for this employee. Later we realized that the actual joining date of this employee is 15.12.2010. So we have to change the hiring date. From 01.01.2011 to 15.12.2010 and the payroll also would be reflected with changed hiring date.

Here we are hiring 7014 employee and run the payroll for three months upto march and changing the actual hire date and run the payroll for April.

Payroll has already been run for three months from 01.01.2011 to 30.03.2011.

Payslip for the month of March

Now for Changing the hiring date to his actual date ie. 15.12.2010.

First go to change payroll status from Menu- Utilities – Change payroll status, and delete the DATE from the Accounted filed. and save.

Now go to change entry by leaving date from Menu- Utilities – Change entry by Leaving date, and change the start date from 01.01.2011 to 15.12.2010 which is actual.

Press Enter. A menu will popup for all the required info types which get changed press enter.

Release the control record for April month and run the payroll. And check the RT table you will get the December month 15 days prorated salary as shown below.

Now run payroll and system will give arrear in current month

In the same way system will recover amount also if new hiring date will greater than older one.


Gaurav Sharma

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