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Did you know that, thanks to extensibility, you can make many kinds of non-standard data visible on the invoices that you send to your customers?
For example, you could print the customer material number (which isn't usually shown on customer invoices) on each invoice for customers who request it as additional reference information.

It's surprisingly easy if you know what to do!

The following short video series takes you through all the necessary steps:

  • Creating your custom field

  • Enabling the custom field's usage for a specific form template, which adds it to the corresponding XML data source

  • Implementing custom logic to populate the custom field with data from a CDS view at runtime

  • Adding the field to a custom form template so that the template better reflects your business requirements

  • Making additional configuration settings for form template determination

  • Testing by creating a billing document and checking whether the custom field is automatically populated in the PDF output

  • You can watch the video series Add Custom Fields to Form Templates for Billing Output below. Happy viewing!

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