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There is an option that number of list reports (for example S_ALR_87009712) can be downloaded into excel. When we are exporting such reports to excel, you will find a check box called “Always use selected format”. Once you have selected this check box, then this will be saved in the buffer for that user. The user will miss an option to download the report in other available formats. There is no clue how this can be cancelled. Following tip would help you bring back the available option (provided you have sufficient authorisation). Otherwise, you will need to contact the users who have the authorisation to do this for you.
You will have different options how you can download your report into excel file. However, there is a check box called “Always Use Selected Format”. If you have inadvertently selected this check box, from the next time, the report can only be selected with said following excel format that you have selected. Other options are not available in future and the report will be downloaded in default way to this format. Furthermore, the system will not give you any popup to select other options.
In such cases, there is an option to delete the “Always Use Selected Format” entries that are buffered, so that next time when you are downloading, as usual, the system will give you a pop up to select the relevant option. For doing this, you should have access to transaction codes SE38 or SA38
transaction codes (mostly given to the developers only). If you do not have access or unable to get the access, you should request the users / consultants who have access to delete the buffered entries for your user ID.

You need to go to transaction code SA38.
Please enter the program name “SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN”
Click on “Execute” button
Please select “Delete” if you want to deleted “Change” in order to “Change” the buffer entries. It is preferred to selected “Delete” button, as we are intended to delete the buffer entries already saved. Pleas enter the Client Name and User Name in the “General Data Selection” In “ALV Data” context area, please keep as defaulted.
You will get an information box as shown above, click on “OK” (Green Tick Mark)

Please select the entry and click on “delete” button.
You will get the following pop-up box, please click on “Y” for “yes”

You will get a message as mentioned below:

*Action successfully completed"

Now again when you go back to the report in order to export the line items to excel, you will get your pop-up back in order select the required download excel option.

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