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Hello All,

Your VAT Number clearly identifies you as an entrepreneur or company within the European Union and makes it possible to deliver goods within the EU without taxes. In the EU, all companies have to check, if the VAT IDs are valid.

Since 01.01.2020, a new law in Germany came into force. This says that not only the existence of the VAT ID must be checked, but also the name and address of the customer. On delivery, the VAT Number has to be valid in every EU member state! Further, it should be possible to prove the information that the VAT Numbers were valid at the time of delivery.

Are you annoyed by the time-consuming process of manually checking all VAT numbers?
There is your solution: The App VAT NUMBER VALIDATION. It will automatically check your Vat Numbers and simplify your daily work and will furthermore create financial advantages for you.

What´s possible

The App quickly and easily checks the VAT numbers of your customers! This is necessary, as you are legally obliged to check the accuracy of the information provided by your customers. Here, not only the mere existence of a VAT Number must be checked, but also its correct spelling and validity, which then no longer has to be done manually, but will be checked automatically!

How does the app work?

The app has access via webservice to the databases of the Federal Central Tax Office and to the EU Commission databases. Here, the app gets the information about all VAT numbers and can then check every customer individually or via a mass data run, if the VAT IDs, names and addresses are correct or not.
With this functionality, the App guarantees valid VAT numbers, names and addresses of new created customers and already created customers.


The VAT number validation app provides an automatic check. It ensures accuracy, rapidity, safety and security. Furthermore, You can also use the export of the mass data run and the log file of all checks to prove that your VAT IDS were valid at all times. This saves a lot of time and nerves during company audits.
In a nutshell, the app safes time, as you don´t have to validate the VAT numbers anymore by yourself and you can make sure to work with valid and correct VAT IDs in SAP Business ByDesign.


Find the app in the SAP App Center: https://www.sapappcenter.com/apps/36617/all-for-one-steeb---vat-number-validation#!overview
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