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Product and Topic Expert


This blog is aimed at establishing a configuration and master data model to manifest how SD delivery is created from a Subcontracting Purchase order.

A delivery is a communication object especially from ERP to EWM and if ERP fails to create delivery, further warehouse activity is hindered it becomes mandatory to troubleshoot the reason for failure of delivery creation.

There are certain reason why customers choose to create delivery via shipping in case of Subcontracting Purchase order.

  1. Storage location is EWM managed, 

  2. Storage location is HU manged in traditional HU model, the components which are sent to vendor are packed in Handling units, and HUs can only packed in deliveries not in material documents, so there are reasons to pick SD delivery in case of Subcontracting Purchase orders.


Mechanism of SD delivery creation:

  • A sales organization, a distribution channel and a division must be assigned to the plant from which the components should be delivered. Path: Materials Management-->Purchasing-->Set up Stock Transport Order-->Define Shipping Data for Plants.



  • The subcontracting component must be created for the sales organization, the distribution channel and the division of the delivering plant in material master.



  • A customer must be assigned to the subcontracting vendor and vice versa.



  •     The customer must be created for the sales organization, distribution channel and division of the delivering plant.


  • A delivery type must be be entered for the provision of materials. Subcontracting delivery type in standard is LB, you can customize as per your requirement.

The order required field must be set to L, delivery for subcontracting. Delivery split with warehouse number triggered delivery distribution to EWM .


  •  The partner determination procedure LB of delivery type YLB must have partner function as vendor and marked as mandatory in VOPA.


  • A shipping point must be assigned to the combination of shipping condition(Customer Master), loading group(Material master) and plant(Customizing) in OVL2.




If all the above criteria is maintained, ME2ON or ME2O creates SD delivery


  1. ME2ON


2) Click on Create delivery.



3). System creates SD delivery for subcontracting components.




Hence the topic ends here. Please suggest if any improvement is required to make this blog more useful.

In my next blog, I will cover subcontracting with Handling units.



Shailesh Mishra
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