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BW Version: BW 7.5 on HANA

S/4 HANA :  S/4HANA 2021

Well, it is time to go for S/4HANA Conversion from ECC system, so question arises how about the BW Extraction is handled.

Pre-Conversion :

  • Study of BW Extractors for Remediation as per the SAP note: 2500202

  • Make a list of BW objects are impacted .

  • Note down the data Load schedule in SAP BW process chains .

  • SUM run fails with error “ XPRAS_AIMMRG Error for Info Object”- Activate the BW  info object from BI Content.

Before Downtime :

  • Schedule V3jobs 4- 5 hrs. before taking the down time continuously on hourly basis in SAP ECC system ( not to loose any delta).

  • Stop BW Process Chains in BW system.

During downtime :

Clear the Queues in SAP ECC system .

Post S/4HANA Conversion :

  • Standard BW Extractors are made ODP enabled using the Program BS_ANLY_DS_RELEASE_ODP

  • Generic data sources are made ODP enabled using Program RODPS_OS_EXPOSE .

  • BW Extractors.

  • Check the table -TMCEXACT

  • Take note -2500202 to check the extractors for the structural changes.

  • If requested by business , Material No. to be changed in S/4HANA.

  • ODP Extraction via different ODP connections(ODP-SAP) in BW system post S/4HANA Conversion for SAP .

  • Validate and Fix BW Extractors (Standard, Generic, LO) .

  • CMOD and Function Module(FM) related to BW Extractors  are affected .

  • Impact Analysis on existing data flow in All BW Process chains (effect on ADSO objects ) and enhancements.

  • Post conversion , LO Extractors are configured in S/4HANA followed by data load in BW.

Data Load is managed with Operational Delta Queue(ODQ) -  T code- ODQMON

The way system behaves Post S/4HANA Conversion :-

  1. Good News is that ODP reduces PSA layer and replaced with DTP.

  • Attach New source system (ODP system) to the existing Process Chain.

  • The BW transformations need to map post S/4HANA conversion

  • DTP to activate again and accordingly ADSO and Classic BW objects .

  • ABAP and HANA code to re write in DTP as routines .

  1. Hierarchies to remediate in BW system as they stopped working-  Issue with Hierarchy 0COSTCENTER_0101_HIER-Info Object KOSTL does not exist in version A.

  2. Some of the extractors are obsolete in S/4HANA - The obsolete ones are converted to CDS view either standard CDS  or Generic CDS.

  1. The special characters like __mentioned in naming conventions will be considered as _ in ODP extractors.

  2. New DTPs to be created for the ODP Extractors as the source.

  3. Master Data Load is impacted in BW post S/4HANA conversion .

  4. ODP enabled data source is executed well with DTP but does not pull any data.

  1. Logistic Extraction with ODP Framework follows the complete end to end process from the new source (S/4HANA ) to target BW on HANA.

Steps to be taken care:

  • Reinitialize Delta Queues in LO Extractors in BW on HANA system during the system. downtime .

  • Consider the data required for reporting in BW and make strategical analysis to load data for the N number of years from Setup Tables in S/4HANA as per required from Business.

  • Run multiple test runs for delta extraction to ensure the extraction accuracy.


Happy Learning!

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