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I have been part of SAP World for more than 6 years now with certification in RPA during this time span i have seen huge boom in many modules related to SAP like HANA, Fiori, MDG, SuccessFactor and so on..

If we see today, industries are mostly focusing on aspects like making the process quick and error prone and automating the process.

Now if we talk about the later one i.e Automating the process we have many tools in the market i.e UIPATH(RPA) ,Blueprism and many more, in this blog post I am going to talk about UIPATH(RPA) and how it has contributed automating the world of SAP and many other technologies plus how RPA world has been integrated with SAP world by automating SAP various processes with ease, so lets get started.

What is UIPATH(RPA)?

RPA stands for Robotics Process Automation which as name suggests automate your process that requires repetitive activities done by human everyday.

Imagine Mr.X has a bundle of high priority task which has to be completed by today and on top of it he has some daily repetitive activities also to be performed, now with add on pressure to complete everything by today neither he is able to concentrate on priority task and is more likely to make error performing the activity which he does daily.

What if someone takes over the ownership to complete his daily repetitive activities, so he could only concentrate on priority tasks, the answer to someone are "ROBOTS" and the tool to develop it is "UIPATH Studio", don't worry robots designed in RPA are virtual and does no look like as below.




  • In this blog post i will not be explaining how to design robot and flowchart in UIPATH Studio as the aim of this blog post is to give everyone an overview of integration of UIPATH with SAP and automating a process.

Integrating SAP with UIPATH(RPA)

Now how UIPATH(RPA) has been integrated with SAP and what all things we can do with it,Let me explain you with a simple example of Mr.X where apart from performing critical activities he also has to create Purchase Orders in SAP on daily basis for some products which are being provided to him by his/her supervisors in Excel sheet.

Purchase Order

Purchase order if I explain in simple terms is a document that acts as an interface between customer and vendor for example Amazon Order placed by you is nothing but a Purchase Order.

Lets see now how RPA reduces the Workload of Mr.X by comparing both creation of Purchase Order manually and automatically in SAP via Robot.

Creating Purchase Order Manually in SAP

Here I have used the below mentioned steps to create Purchase Order, Please note this is not the only way as you can choose to enter more or less details while creating your Purchase Order according to business specifications.

  1. Login to SAP

  2. Enter transaction "ME21N"

  3. Enter Vendor Number

  4. Enter Purchase Organisation

  5. Enter Purchasing Group

  6. Enter Company Code

  7. Enter Header Note details in Texts

  8. Enter PO Items details including Plant,Quantity,Net Price.

  9. Save the Purchase Order

  10. Once all steps are done successfully your PO will be created.

Now imagine if there are multiple Purchase Orders to be created everyday with priority task also life wont be easy for Mr.X and so he decided to go for RPA where he can handover the repetitive activity to Robot and concentrate on his priority task.

Lets see now how Robot creates and Purchase Order in SAP.

Creating Purchase Order Automatically in SAP via RPA.

Below is the link for Video in which i am trying to show how robot creates Purchase Order by logging in into SAP Server, opening transaction ME21N ,entering the required details as mentioned above and finally creating a Purchase Order and highlights the created Purchase Order as popup message.



This is a small piece of flowchart which i designed in UIPATH Studio which our Robot  will follow to execute the above steps.


RPA Flowchart


This blog post is deigned basically to give an overview on how RPA is automating the world of SAP, explaining it by automating the process of Purchase Order creation via RPA where robot creates the Purchase Order all by himself automatically and requires no human intervention for the same.


  • I am the owner of the link for the video.

  • I am the owner of all the content used in this blog post.

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